Natural Pride

9 Dec

Since perusing a lot of natural sites and Youtube videos over the last few months, I noticed a trend to “loosen” the curl to a Type 3 (from Type 4). When coily hair grows, it gets heavier, and the curl pattern changes from tight Zs to loose S. But why is that such a good thing? Is having hair more like Alicia Keys better than having hair like Lauryn Hill’s?

My hair is definitely a 4B and has no curl pattern. It’s dry, kinky and coily. I have noticed a slight curl pattern lately but my hair is not in a growth phase, it’s in a rest phase so I’m not sure. But I wouldn’t want to do anything to purposely change my curl pattern like add lime to my hair or use henna. The purpose of being natural has nothing to do with changing the way my hair looks. I don’t have 3b curls and I don’t really want them. I just want healthy, strong hair.

Whether tight coils or loose curls, embracing your natural self is something you should be proud of amidst the advertising of Europeanized beauty and Beyonce’s blonde weave plastered on every magazine cover. To stand out in a sea of fake hair, and let the world know that this is what a black person truly looks like is commendable. Despite the disadvantages we face like weather changes, dryness and a complex hair pattern, we are still gaining knowledge and letting out our ‘fros.

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