On The Go–With Black Hair

15 Sep

When I’m on the go, I don’t use any oils! Oils destroy the definition of your curls. If you want more definition to your curls, opt for water-based products like gels and curl creams. If you want an Afro style, use more oils.

Every morning when I’m jumping out of bed, feeding the dogs and getting dressed in a frenzy, I have one paralyzing thought, “WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY HAIR?!”. No matter how well I prep the night before, my hair ties come out or my twists were too loose and I’m left with a pile of undefined, dry curls. I give myself 10 minutes to do my hair in the morning. I oil, twist and wrap my hair at night time.

So with ten minutes this is what I do:

a) Individualize each strand with my hands, just separating them from each other to create the look of more hair and more curls. Often, our hair just gets lost!

b) Apply a TINSY bit of oil to the ENDS of my hair. Curls hang better when their heavy (so as your hair gets longer, you see more S curls). This softens the ends for the day ahead (windy weather, etc) and also makes sure it doesn’t have a dry look.

c) I apply a LITTLE bit of de-frizzing serum. The more you play with your hair, the more it will lose it’s definition. So, minimally touching my hair I will apply this to keep the texture of curls and make it look like I actually care about how I look at work. I’m not going to show up with a frizz ball! Would you?

d) To the roots of my hair and a bit of the top, I apply some aloe gel. This really softens and brings out natural curls like no tomorrow! If you had oils in the night before, it rejuvenates it all over again.

e) I then use my fingers to direct which way I want each strand of hair to go, and I tug on the bottoms (my nape) to length it. Then voila I leave!

If I’m having a REALLY bad hair (once a week), I will use my Marc Anthony Curly Cream and douse my hair in that with water for hopes of defined curls. If it’s REALLY DISASTROUS, (once a month) I will straighten it after applying a protective hair spray and castor oil. My hair will likely pouf up within an hour though!

I’m always on naturallycurly.com for inspiration from other beautiful black natural women and some of the hair styles amaze me! I love how everyone manages to make their ‘fros and twists look so great! The women are inspirational and it’s important that natural sisters inspire and motivate each other!

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