How To Soften Your Hair

11 Sep

Black, natural hair (especially new growth) is kinky and hard. Combing it is painful and hard hair gets detangled and seemingly…angry. Black hair is not fine. It’s thick and can be rough if it is not softened.There are oils and products that I find help soften natural hair and give it sheen.

Morrocan oil – are all based on argan oil, a wonder ingredient derived from Morocco that is equal parts antioxidant, UV protector, vitamin-infuser and hair-strengthener. So your hair actually looks and feels healthier and silkier—but not greasier. This is a great oil for softening your hair.

Avocado Oil – You can prepare hair masks, shampoos and conditioners with avocado oil or as a hot oil treatment. It works well when blended with other oils, and is essential for hair growth and nourishment. It is extremely beneficial for women with dry hair and black hair. It also helps anti-aging in hair (and skin) and has plant sterolins that softens and moisturizes.

Leave-in conditioners – Sometimes you need a quick spray to soften hair before you head out of the house. Finding one that is good for softening your hair would help considerably. Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair is actually cream based and it’s main ingredient is glycerin which is good for attracting moisture (thus softer hair). I personally have never bought it but my aunt has this product (bought at the drugstore) and I’ve used it a few times and it softened and defined my curls into cute waves. And don’t forget the Kinky Curly leave in conditioner.

Also until your hair is very soft, it is a good idea to protect it using buns and twists inside and hats outside (especially in sunny or very cold weather). Soft hair is very desirable and you can use filtered or distilled water while washing your hair if your water is too hard. More on soft/hard water here:




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