Why You Should Be Natural

9 Sep

1. There is no greater feeling to describe than feeling the wind through your own hair or running a finger around a curl absentmindedly.

2. Hair weaves are expensive and high maintenance <and fake>!

3. Because the mainstream look for society does not include Afros, locs, kinks and naps. If our coily hair is invisible, who will represent us when we aren’t representing ourselves?

4. Because you aren’t a sheep. If someone tells you straight hair is beautiful hair, you KNOW this is untrue. Whether curly, straight or triangular–all hair is beautiful.

5. Because you want natural, organic products used on your lovely mane. You deserve it.

6. Chemically perming your hair damages your hair and can lead to thinness and balding. This isn’t your natural hair texture…can’t you see the real wavy hair bursting to make it’s debut every time you perm? Give it a chance, it won’t let you down.

7. You have a plethora of information on the Internet to help you around the maze of questions you have for your hair concerns whether it’s dry, it’s about shrinkage or how to reduce damage from a hair dye job went wrong.

8. Because more and more women are dropping the hot comb and embracing who they are.

9. It’s the hair God gave you.

10. Healthy, nappy hair means a healthy, happy you.

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