The GODDESS in You

9 Sep

Oh, African goddess, the ruler of music, dance, wind and fire. Wild and untamed, they try to tarnish your name but your ebony incandescence emulates your power and finesse. Your copper glow blushes brilliance enhancing lightning to flash gold unto the earth. You stir the very soul of nature. Crowns of stars and gowns of ostrich feathers are nowhere worth your splendor, you cannot deny your excellence though others may try to deny you and deter you of your virtue.

African goddess, they taunt you so. They say your hair is like wool, but what wondrous wool it must be, the fibers of the rivers, the moon and and the trees. They say your skin is too dark. Do they not know you are the Lion Goddess of Sunset, symbolizing the fertilizing force of the Sun’s rays? Your skin is not dark, but rich and distinct. You were not meant to blend in, but to rise above because you are a Queen.


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