Natural Products for Kids

9 Sep

Whether you’re the mother of a biracial child or the aunt for a kinky-haired little girl—you want products specifically designed for the fine curls of children’s hair….and I even believe there are more products designed for kid’s curls than for women’s!

For the biracial young one’s in my family I notice the mom’s plaiting (or French braiding works too) the hair in two pig tails and focusing mainly on cleaning the scalp. Remember how delicate and fine the hair is and how tangled it can get. And don’t forget to moisturize!




Unfortunately, most products on the market for curly, kinky, frizzy hair and dry sensitive skin contain cheap oils and fillers. The hair products coat and weigh down the hair or make hair brittle due to cheap fillers and drying ingredients such as alcohols and sulfates.

Kinky Curly has the Tiny Twirls Shampoo and Conditioner for toddlers that cleanses without stripping. The conditioner makes tangles melt away and is all-natural. Best of all, they feature adorable biracial kids on the bottles. The Tiny Twirls Styler detangles, smoothes and moisturizes! Not bad for $13.00. I almost wish I had a kid so I could test these products out!

Carol’s Daughter children products feature cartoon characters like the black princess from the Princess and the Frog, and have really good ratings. They have natural lines set up for kids with naturally curly tresses, kids with twists and braids, and a styling set that detangles and moisturizes. The conditioners and shampoos are gentle and they also have a hair milk for children that seems to be a popular item.

Blended Beauty has the Blended Cutie line for curly children’s hair like the Tug-Me-Not conditioner with glycerin, rosemary, aloe and shea butter. They have about 10-12 products from curl-enhancers to moisturizing butters.

Beauty 4 Ashes reports 99.8% of parents prefer to use natural products on their children’s hair. They have the Children Healthy Hair Balm $24.99, a leave in conditioner that balances and adds softness and a hair grow milk for $29.99 amongst other items. The hair grow milk boasts stronger hair.

I love seeing a biracial cutie with a full head of gorgeous, healthy shining curls and it’s really fantastic there are so many products designed for kinky, ethnic hair. There are also more dolls and books that promote the awareness of the diversity of coloured and biracial people and children, which helps the biracial child feel more confident and comfortable in their skin (…and hair).



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