Inside Out

9 Sep

I’m young and like most young people—I love junk food. I particularly love sweets and gummy bears are my favourite. I’ll walk a mile to get one bag!

With that said, I try to exercise and eat healthily most of the time. Especially now it’s getting colder (those loooong Canadian winters, I tell ya) I’ve stocked up on STASH organic chamomile teas and green tea. I also eat a lot of sushi, particularly sashimi with miso soup. I once ate sushi every day until my skin was becoming sticky from all the sticky rice! (I’m joking =).

No but seriously, I ate sushi every day.

I just try to put a healthy spin on things: instead of apple pie, I make apple crumble with blueberries and strawberries too, and whole-wheat flour and brown sugar. It’s a great way to eat fruit! I also inhale salads and tomato sauce. And I’ll eat ANYTHING with hummus: carrots, cloves of garlic–ham. Okay, so I’m a little weird.

But what you put in your body and how you treat your body shows up on your body, face and hair. I use natural products for my skin and body like glycerin-based soaps and gentle, natural face cleansers. I also really like the Burt’s Bees line. There are a ton of amazing natural products you can find in your local drugstore for under $5! I particularly love products that include cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera, palm nut oil and Argon oil.

Some Natural Brands: BOSCIA, Evian, Caudalie, Jurlique, Juice Beauty, Klorane, Pacifica, Nude Skincare, REN, PHYTO, Tarte.

Nourishing your body makes you feel good, keeps you healthy and gives you the glow of life. Even your spiritual being can feel the calmness and serenity from the natural products of the earth. Earth, sun, and water—our very essence demands we succumb to nature. But still, a bag of Doritos every now and then won’t hurt!

This is me from last year. Argon oil for hair, goat's milk lotion on skin and Aveeno for my face. I was on a vegan diet.

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