Don’t Take Natural Hair So Seriously!

9 Sep

1. If your bed resembles that of the Chiyo from Memoirs of a Geisha so you can keep your curls fresh for the morning….relax! It’s just hair. Psst…a silk cap can do wonders too!

2. So you’re all gung-ho about being natural and growing your hair as long and Sasha-rific as Beyonce’s. Please stop now. Beyonce’s hair is not real, and your hair won’t likely be that long. She spends hours doing her weave up to look like that, and you don’t need to endure the torture because you’re not Beyonce…thankfully you’re you.

3. I know you’re natural but please wash your hair before it turns into this. Yes, we know that we do not need to wash it often but…remember…water is natural too.

4. If your mom is clucking in disapproval at your hair and gets a mini heart attack, this is a good thing. If she likes your hair and wants you to come down to knitting….YOU’RE TAKING YOUR HAIR TOO SERIOUSLY!

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