Proud to be Natural

8 Sep

I will start off by saying that being natural (to me)  means “to wear one’s own hair naturally without hair extensions, chemical hair straighteners and texturizers” and pertains to black women whether African, Caribbean, Brazilian, biracial or multiracial.

The reason why I wanted to write a blog which addresses issues regarding natural hair, building the esteem and hair knowledge of black women and also educating black women and others about black hair care is because I believe it is important. I walk into many hair stores that do not sell products suitable for natural black hair or even black hair at all. Women do not know that the products sold in most hair stores and beauty shops are actually detrimental to their hair. We need organic, natural products and I will get further into that later.
I follow a lot of natural hair blogs but they are mostly all American and I realize they carry a lot of products that are not readily available in Canada. Since I am Canadian, the products I am discussing are found in Canada in Canadian stores. I also want to discuss the Canadian view regarding black women with unnatural hair and natural hair and social attitudes towards both. I do believe Canada is a wonderful, progressive place to live and that it is easy to express yourself and be diverse here. I also will chronicle my own hair journey and review products I use. Some are super, others are sucky. Enjoy!

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