Crown of Glory

8 Sep

Black hair is a part of us, an elemental part of us. Black hair is not defective, within all of it’s curls and coils, it is replete and and unrefined. Our hair is unique and beautiful. It truly is beautiful, whether springy ringlets or Afro kinks–black hair is beautiful. Black hair grows up, framing our face and performing as our crown. And what a glorious crown it is!

Black hair is so versatile, no wonder many stylists are at odds at what to do with it. It is not to be feared, though it may shrink and grow—sometimes even at the same time! Black hair is fragile yet paradoxically, it is also strong. It is complex and diverse, like the goddess who wears it. Black hair can be straightened, plaited, braided, updo’d, Afro’d, Mohawk’d, or just shine in it’s curly craziness! It is the only hair that needs the oils of the earth to thrive–no synthetic product can do!

Wearing your natural hair is about being proud to fully be you. It is being comfortable in your own skin, your OWN hair, your own being. It is the essence of the black woman, the freedom of your identity and the expression of self. It is about confidence and high self-esteem. You do not need to hide under a weave or to submit to someone else’s idea of beauty. You know that you have nothing to hide or be ashamed of, and you’re beautiful because it is you and you’re special. It’s time to run your hands through your hair and begin loving yourself….from head to toe.


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